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Expo Design


About Our Company We have a mastery of more than 24+ years in exhibition stall design and build driven by professionals and have successfully delivered over 350+ projects in India & Internationally. Our core strength for exhibition design lies in our in-house design & skilled project management team. With nationwide execution capabilities due to our in-house fabrication & set-up, we have total control over quality and timely delivery. Our exhibition stall design and fabrication stands on three major factors like Design, On time fabrication & Reasonable price value. WE ARE TEAM OF YOUNG, ,CREATIVE DESIGNER & EXECUTIVES Expo Design is the premier experienced stall fabrication agency, working with some of the leading companies who are looking for innovative stall fabrication solutions that motivate their audiences and activate their brands through live experiences. Expo Design is a 16 year old company with a talented and professional bunch. Our desire in setting up the initiative was to bring to it the best of the creative and lateral thinking, the very highest levels of client service. The biggest thing we have learn from years of running trade fair and is that attention to detail is the absolute key. Do that right and the client will trust you implicitly and both you and they will have a more relaxed and enjoyable time during the event. So that is what we do, original memorable production delivered with a service that puts attention to every detail first. A simple formula really, but one that has proven extremely successful and we are proud that independent research has borne out my beliefs.


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33 Kr Mahadeva patel Building, Kothnur, Hennur Bagalur Main Road, Near Kothnur Bus Stop
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